Dada 5000 Remains Undefeated Despite Dying Twice In His Last Fight


Dhafir Harris, better known as Dada 5000, has had a tough 2016. He fought Kimbo Slice (real name Kevin Ferguson) in one of the all-time worst MMA fights, with both heavyweights emptying their gas tanks inside two minutes and fighting on for nine more. During the fight, he suffered not one, but two serious heart attacks which literally killed him for a brief time.


This is one of the few times where Dada landed something resembling a punch during their fight.

Worst of all, he lost the fight…via Flair Flop, no less. It was an ugly performance that permanently tarnished his reputation…but it won’t tarnish his record!

That’s because the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, the governing body which oversees MMA in the state, has finally, officially overturned the outcome of Dada 5000’s Bellator 149 fight with Slice. The bout now officially stands as a No Contest!

This man didn't lose his fight!

This man didn’t lose his fight!

The reason for the decision comes from a failed post-fight drug test from Slice. Slice’s sample was flagged for an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio, as well as traces of Nandrolone, an anabolic steroid, which added yet another layer of poo to this already crappy story. Hilariously, Slice barely received any punishment for being roided up and nearly killing his opponent, getting a slap on the wrist three-month suspension and $2,500 fine.

Does this mean Dada 5000 is coming back anytime soon? Well, no…

While Dada 5000 has expressed interest in returning to the cage, Bellator President Scott Coker came just shy of laughing off the idea of him returning to the promotion.

Check out his interview with MMA Fighting’s Luke Thomas:

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