Cowboy Cerrone Dropped ANOTHER Hint About Jon Jones Drug Use


UPDATE: In a recent conversation on Fighter and the Kid, Cowboy Cerrone once again has narced out Jon Jones for not being the good, sober, religious family man he pretends to be. Check out this clip, it definitely sounds like Jon Jones is up to his old ways.

Schaub says that this fight is tough to pick, Cowboy mentions Jones being on the “Straight and narrow” then says “What if I told you he’s not?”

This adds on to another interview where he was going back and forth with Cormier, where Jones emphasized the fact that he wouldn’t test positive for STEROIDS, but he didn’t mention any other possible substances. Jones has also said he plans on partying HARD once this fight is over.

Here’s the original article from years ago, when Cowboy first dropped some info about Jones’ drug use:

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