Conor McGregor’s Nutritionist Reveals What’s Weird About His Diet


Conor has cut more weight in the past than he’s going to have to for his upcoming boxing match, but none the less, Conor’s been looking really big lately, he’s put on some muscle mass since moving up to 170 in the UFC, so this isn’t going to be the easiest cut in the world.

In a feature on The Mac Life, Conor McGregor’s diet coach, George Lockhart, reveled that for this camp, the plan was to get Conor a little lighter ahead of time, so that he’d have less weight to try to cut the day before the fight. The reason for this is becasue that extra weight advantage in boxing, in this fight in particular, isn’t going to help as much. Conor’s not going to be laying on top of Floyd, an extra 10lbs of pressure isn’t going to help him as much.

“With boxing we want to get him down a little bit more,” Lockhard said. “There’s not a whole lot of purpose to cutting a whole lot of weight. In MMA when you’re on top of somebody, weight matters a lot more. In boxing, you don’t have takedowns [and] you’re not clinching as much. Speed is the most important thing.” (via TheMacLife)

So, expect a smaller Conor on the night of the fight, but in Conor’s own words “Timing beats speed.”

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