Conor McGregor Takes Aim At Joe Rogan For What He Said At UFC 229


Conor McGregor is arguably one of the best-known names in the UFC, some like him others don’t. But regardless of your feelings towards him. It seems lately everyone has an opinion on what he been doing even “Rocky” Sylvester Stallone. Well, recently Joe Rogan has his go at Conor McGregor. Rogan is a Martial Arts enthusiast and constantly keeps training for the love of the sports even though he does not compete.

Well, it seems McGregor been getting a bit tired of everyone trash talking and having they go at him. So recently while ranting about several subjects, Joe Rogan name came up, in particular, his popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”

Tell it as it is

Joe Rogan and his podcast has been very popular due to Rogan’s controversial personality and has also featured some of the very popular fighters and celebrities on his show from Brendan Schaub to UFC fighters and even billionaire Elon Musk has been a guest on his show.

Conor McGregor Tap Out Khabib Nurmagomedov

Due to Conor popularity, you might expect that he would have been featured on the show by now, but strangely he has not been a guest. It seems Connor would like to be a guest on the show but wants to see things change before he steps foot in Joe’s studio. Watch video see what Conor wants Joe to change before he appears on the show.

Conor shows no disrespect towards Rogan and thinks his commentary on fights and the sport needs improvement. He, however, commends the podcast popularity and strangely says he respect Joe Rogan even though berating his performance as a commentator.

It is Personal

McGregor does not hide he has issues how the way Rogan has been commenting on past recent fights. Especially, the one with Nate Diaz sequel and the Nurmagomedov.  There is no hiding it, there is clearly still bad blood between McGregor and the Nurmagomedov.

Rogan is no stranger to criticism he been lashed out at before by UFC Legend Matt Hughes in the past. So, he is accustomed to criticism and stirring up trouble at times. Have your take on it do you agree with McGregor?

See Video Joe Rogan Defends Connor Criticism



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