Conor McGregor Smacks a Fan for Getting Too Close


Conor’s just chiling in his beautiful sports car and he gets annoyed that this fan is getting a little too close and personal.

When the whole world knows your face, it can be hard to get some privacy. Conor is usually known for spending a lot of time interacting wiht fans and generaly being humble (Except when he’s promoting a fight, and in character, of course) but other than that – he really seems like he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

But today – he just wasn’t having any of it.

This guy goes up to Conor, starts filming him without asking, and he’s within arm’s reach of Conor’s ride, so McGregor reaches out and gives the guy a good smack.

The guy needed a good smack, so all’s well that ends well.

The fan wasn’t hurt or anything, he didn’t even drop his phone/camera, it wasn’t a hard smack, just enough to be like “C’mon, bud.”

People don’t hold onto their phones very tight, so it could have easily gone flying. But it didn’t, so it’s all good. Plus, the fan thought it was funny and he laughed it off. Wouldn’t you rather have video of Conor taking a swing at you instead of him just sitting in his car?

But the guy’s a fighter, not a circus animal, and it’s important to respect the space of celebrities. Just because they have millions of dollars and can do whatever they want, they still have the right to drive around without being oogled at like circus animals. Especially when they can knock your head clean off with one shot until your little pea-head is bouncing off the canvas.

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