Conor McGregor Rumored To Punch Man From Irish Drug Cartel Associate


Rumors began hovering over social media that UFC champ Connor McGregor was in the bar brawl in Dublin. Even though nothing is officially confirmed yet, but it looks like the rumors may be true. Things have become more interesting because one of the rumored men that McGregor is accused of punching is apparently a close link to the top Kinahan drug cartel henchman, Graham ‘ Crow ‘ and Whelan. This is according to the new outlet  Irish independent

The news outlet McGregor did not call it the person who participated in the fighting, but instead referred to him as Irish celebrities, and later expanded as a sporting star. According to their information, the celebrity (McGregor) tried to attack a young man when the person who linked to Whelan tried to intervene and you twice.

Here is part of the report by the  Independent.
One of the renowned Irish celebrities assaulted one of the kinsman’s top men in a pub south of Dublin.
During the class, a man in his fifties was with close ties with the convicted drug dealer Graham ‘ weigh ‘ Whelan (35) punch.
Gardai is aware of the incident that occurred on Sunday night, but no complaint has yet been lodged.

It is understood that the sporting star attempted to attack another young man at the bar, when the Whelan assistant tried to intervene before he was clipped twice in the face.
Kinahan is known as a cartel to run drugs and guns through Europe and take care of their work by any means necessary. The more it comes to light with regard to these rumors, the more you really hope it is not true. Although McGregor has just confirmed things.

On his official account in Instagram, McGregor published his short video covering his face with hoodie and commenting on another reading “celebrity”. You can see and share the image below.
Conor McGregor Instagram Account
The Irish police are aware of the situation, but nothing has been presented with them. It seems that if these rumors are true everyone who is involved is keeping very tight to the inevitable.
Let’s hope this situation don’t get ugly for McGregor that if it turns out to be true.

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