Conor McGregor Issues First Statement After His Arrest


As it known by now Conor McGregor had a recent set back when was arrested and charged on multiple counts, after a heated confrontation with a fan. Some people have been calling the Irishman silly while others thing he too aggressive who knows. What is surprising is that most of the UFC star fighter constantly say the love their fans but time and again they attack their fans for seemly innocent acts as in this case. Reports suggest that the fan was simply trying to get a photo of McGregor before the who incident went south and police was called which resulted with McGregor being arrested and charge.

He was released on $12K bail hours later. Now that he has is freedom again this is what he had to say about the who event.  

The UFC division star did not offer no excuse for his actions that resulted in the altercation and said that he continues working on becoming more patient.

“Patience in this world is a virtue I continue to work on.
I love my fans dearly.Thank you all. ❤️

We have not doubt that Conor McGregor loves his fan but we are sure Ahmed Abdirzak from England may have different views after the attack McGregor launched on him.

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