Conor McGregor Inpersonator Get KnockOut (Video)


Anyone who follows MMA combat fighting knows who is Conor McGregor. He has become famous for some and notorious for others. It is understandable that he would have many fans who dream to be just like him. Maybe for the money, fame or just for the love of it.

However, this guy (James Gallagher) took things to another level. He started to talk like Conor with the same accent.  Then he got a similar tattoo on his chest to match Conor. We could even say he started to behave cocky too. In the video below (at 1min: 12 seconds) you can clearly see this fighter though is lacking in technique and skill as he is Knocked out and brutally punched repeatedly in the face by his opponent.

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This Cocky Conor McGregor wannabe is known as “James Gallagher” gets destroyed by Ricky Banejas after all the show and cocky behavior toward Benejas he definitely has a lot to learn about fighting. In the video, you can see him fall to the floor three times before he is finally destroyed.

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