Conor McGregor Hilariously Funny Video Throwing Spears


Ahead of UFC 202 Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz got into a bit of a different fight, they were seen throwing water bottles at each other at yesterday’s press conference.

This came as a massive shock to onlookers.
One saying, “I was just getting into the press conference when I saw Nate Diaz get up and walk away, it looked like he was signalled by his brother Nick. The pair were joined by team Diaz and walked to the back of the room where it looked like they were just going to exit. But then, all hell broke out as bottles were being thrown backwards and forwards over our heads!

Conor McGregor with a spear.

Conor McGregor with a spear.

Nate Diaz threw the first bottle, which was then followed by his whole team.

Conor didn’t just sit there waiting to see if one would hit him though, Conor immediately sprang into action, collecting as many bottles as he could find and threw them back at team Diaz.

Conor letting the spear go!

Conor letting the spear go!

Following this incident, there has been a number of ‘memes’ flying around.. Pardon the pun!

This has to be my funniest of all the humours takes on the ‘water bottle war’ between McGregor and Diaz.

Jim Carrey's character 'Ace Ventura' with the spears in his legs.

Jim Carrey’s character ‘Ace Ventura’ with the spears in his legs.

Someone has made a video with Conor picking up spears instead of water bottles and throwing them at Jim Carrey aka Ace Ventura!

Spears that found there way into the pet detectives legs.

You seriously have to check it out. (Video link below)

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will face each other again in a highly anticipated rematch of their UFC 196 showdown where Nate Diaz was able to dethrone the notorious one.

McGregor will be looking at taking revenge this Saturday at UFC 202.

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