Conor McGregor Gets Away With Speeding Ticket After Policeman Recognises Him


Conor McGregor must be feeling like he is untouchable at the mall moment. Not only is he taking out UFC greats and future hall of fame fighters, it appears from this story from the man himself, he’s also getting away from the law!

“I’m like Batman” he said after completing his story of a run-in with the law.


Conor was driving along when he was pulled up by the police. The officer asked Conor for his driving licence, once noticing who he was, asked if he could get into the passenger seat to take a selfie. Once the policeman had his souvenir, he let Conor go.

Conor said, “He pulled me in and I thought
f–k it, I’m going to get a ticket or brought to court of something, he comes up to the window and looks at me, ‘have you got a drivers license?’ I says-yeah, he looks at the drivers license he looks at me and says errr, do you mind if I jump in the passenger seat for a selfie?”

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