Conor McGregor challenges his next opponent in Hollywood


By now it is widely known that Conor McGregor has retired from the MMA even they have been speculation that he will return to the octagon at some point to fight in the UFC again. Meanwhile, Conor has been seen doing boxing training and even has been invited to join WWE not sure he will take this route like Ronda Rousey. It is not clear if he will have a new fight or enter wrestling. Right now he still has alot of options before him and we dont know what he will do right now.

However, it seems the Irishman have his next opponent in mind. But it is not what everyone expects since although recently he has challenged someone he is not a fighter or a boxer, but an actor. This is what “The Notorious” said via twitter

” I’ve decided to challenge Hollywood actress Mark Whalberg . All the actions on the table . “

This challenge is related to the UFC shares that the Irishman wants. Mark Walhberg was a minority partner of the organization for some time and in the past offered his shares to McGregor, but then withdrew the offer. Hence Conor annoyance about this decision. It has caused some beef between the two.

It has been speculated for some time that the Irishman wants shares in UFC but Dana White said “No way in hell” is UFC giving Conor shares. This issue maybe related to why he chose to retire at this time. But we don’t know for sure at this time as Conor McGregor has not said much about the reason for his retirement.

Mark Whalberg and Conor McGregor

Facebook Comments

Recent on social media especially on Facebook many fans and commentators have been speculating that Conor McGregor only fought for the money and no real true love for the sport. This latest challenge leads us to think that there might be some truth to that as he seems very upset about UFC and in particular, Dana White remarks that “UFC will NEVER give McGregor shares”. But at the same time, it still up in the air as Dana White has been known for going back on many of his decision when it comes to UFC.

All About the Money

Is Conor McGregor just greedy and is all about the money? What do you think?

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