If Condit Beats Woodley at UFC 171, He’s Next On Deck For The Belt


According to the UFC on FOX Twitter account, if Carlos Condit wins his fight against Tyrone Woodley this weekend he will be next in line to fight the winner of Hendricks / Lawler for the Welterweight belt.

One man who’s probabaly not cheering for Condit to walk away with the W against Woodley is Rory “Ares” MacDonald, who wants his own shot at the belt now that his mentor (And lover?) GSP is out of the picture. Condit has already beaten Rory so he’s still a few fights away from the title shot unless Carlos loses, in which case that puts Rory one step closer. Chances are he also wouldn’t mind Hendricks winning the belt, since there’s not a very compelling case for Rory to get another shot at Lawler anytime soon after the snooze-fest last time that propelled Lawler into contention in the first place. Also, the UFC could hype up the GSP/Rory connection to hype up a story about Rory avenging his mentor, who lost to Johnny in a lot of people’s eyes.

Condit vs Hendricks would be an interesting title defense if Johny is able to walk away with the win, considering that many people had him winning the split-decision against Hendricks the first time they fought at UFC 158 in 2013, but the judges didn’t see it that way.

Condit has tasted what it’s like to be champ having held the UFC’s  interim belt before losing a close fight to GSP upon Rush’s return from an injury. Carlos Condit was also the Welterweight champ in the WEC.

What do you think, does Carlos Condit deserve a title shot so soon after back-to-back losses? Is there someone more deserving?

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