CM Punk Signs Multi-Fight Deal With The UFC


All throughout the prelims of UFC 181 they were hinting at a special announcement from Joe Rogan to take place after the first fight of the pay per view card. That announcement is that WWF-alum CM Punk has signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC. He’ll probably be competing at middleweight or welterweight, almost certainly not LHW. The UFC hasn’t been able to get Brock back yet, but that hasn’t stopped them from dipping their toes back into the pro-wrestling talent pool.

“I have respect for everyone who fights in the UFC, and by the time I’m done, they’ll respect me,”

CM Punk hasn’t decided where he’s going to be training yet. He poked his head in at a few camps recently, but he didn’t want to spill the beans about why he was really there. With the not-very-well-kept-rumor finally out in the air, CM Punk is going to vet some gyms and then go from there.

His record is 0-0, so you can already hear the promo videos “UNDEFEATED IN MMA…” This is an odd announcement since Phil “CM Punk” Brooks has never had an mma fight before, he doesn’t know where he’s going to be training yet, and he doesn’t which which weight class he’s going to be competing in. Still,  he’s tough and he’s undoubtedly going to be working hard but where is the UFC going to find someone to fight him? Roy Jones Junior? Obviously, Bisping has already started calling him out on Twitter, and everyone else in a weightclass that’s even remotely close is sure to follow suit in hopes of a huge payday from a big fight.

  • “Good luck to you…”
  • “Luck is for losers, Joe.” 

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