CM Punk Says Pro Wrestling Is More Risky Than MMA


All of you Jabronis out there saying that CM Punk doesn’t stand a chance in the UFC are neglecting that he’s already had a long and successful career in martial arts entertainment. Nobody in the last few decades has held onto their belt for as long as he did, not Anderson Silva, not Jose Aldo, not GSP… So give the man some credit. Plus, most people agree that wrestling makes the best base for MMA.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks set the record straight, but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that every fight in the UFC is a steel cage match, and Arianny isn’t going to get off of her chair to let you hit dudes with it.


“… I’ve been getting beat up for most of my adult life. Pro wrestling is a lot different than MMA. Most recently, I had a conversation with King Mo, and he’s been training to be a pro wrestler, and he was like, “Pro wrestling is harder.” Now, that doesn’t make my decision to do MMA like, “Oh, this is easy,” because I know it’s not. I just know I’ve put in work in pro wrestling, and the work ethic you learn from doing that will translate for me. It will put me in a good position.

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…I definitely think pro wrestling’s more risky. The pro wrestler’s mentality, and it’s ingrained in them from the start, is you have to work hurt. And I know guys in MMA are banged up and will “work hurt,” but if you tear your knee up, you’re gonna get surgery. Pro wrestlers will not, because they’re afraid about losing their jobs. They will work through torn ligaments and everything, and I’ve done it and it’s not smart, and it’s not the healthiest work environment.


If I step in the Octagon and I get knocked out, I don’t gotta keep fighting. If that was pro wrestling, and I slipped and I fell and something happened to me and I got knocked out and I woke up three seconds later, guess what: I gotta finish this match. That’s just the pro wrestler’s mentality, and I’m glad I don’t really have to be subjected to that anymore. Imagine if an MMA fighter fought four-to-five nights a week. That’s essentially what I was doing in pro wrestling. Obviously, there’s big differences between a real fight and a fake one, but it’s a lot more wear and tear on your body, the travel is brutal. So I won’t be doing that.”

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cm punk

Wait a second, did he just call MMA fake?!

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