Chael Sonnen Reveals A Little-Known Benefit When Fighters Take Steroids


Chael Sonnen has revealed an additional benefit to steroids and HGH that don’t often get discussed.

Not that he’d know anything about that anymore, he’s “basically clean”. Chael Sonnen is the most open fighter when it comes to discussing his past steroid use, going as far as to insinuate that he’s still taking something whenever he makes comments about how he’s “pretty much” clean. Over in Bellator, they don’t drug test nearly as seriously as the UFC does with Usada, which could become more and more of a selling point as fighters reach the autumns of their careers and can’t quite hang in the UFC anymore, yet are still recognizable enough to carry cards in other promotions and to fight a lower tier of competition.

Speaking of which… Chael is gearing up for a fight against Tito Ortiz in Bellator, which will undoubtedly lead to some hilarious trash-talking (and already has) but mostly because anytime Tito pics up a mic, it’s golden.

“I look a lot younger than I am, mostly because of steroids and growth hormone.”

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Sonnen caught up with comedian and co-host of The Fighter and the Kid podcast, Bryan Callen, for a super quick impromptu interview and opportunity for The Gangster to plug his upcoming fight.

Things are starting to get interesting in Bellator. You could chalk up Ortiz vs Sonnen as yet another old-timers spectacle fight, but it’s not like this Shamrock vs Gracie or anything, it’ll be an actual fight at least. We’re still waiting for Rory to get matched up with a fight over there, GSP says that he is a free agent and could very possibly sign a deal with Bellator, the MMA landscape could look a lot different in another year or two from now.

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