CEO Of The UFC Reveals How They Made Over Half a Billion Dollars In 2015


The UFC is doing record numbers for 2015. In an interview with CNN Money, Lorenzo Fertitta revealed that the UFC is going to make $600,000,000 in revenue for 2015 but he wouldn’t reveal how profitable the business actually is.


The interviewer asked him about fighter pay. Essentially, there are countless fighters in the UFC who barely even break even despite being professional athletes in the sport’s top promotion. After they’ve paid their coaches, managers, fees, travel, etc – they might break even. Here is Lorenzo’s response:

“It’s the athletes that make a difference, that people want to pay for, that are commanding the big dollars.”

Her expression as he basically side-steps her question is priceless.


So, you want to make over half a billion bucks a year? Here’s how: 

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