Calcio Storico Is The Most Brutal Sport You’ve Probabaly Never Heard Of


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There’s a historic form of football that makes the NFL look like flag football. Calcio Storico is one of the most brutal sports on earth, it’s like football meets Gladiator.


calcio-storico-might-be-the-most-brutal-sport-on-the-planet-31-photos-video-3Calcio Storico is based on harpastum, an Ancient Roman ball game, and dates all the way back to the 16th century. 


Players can use their hands and feet. Head butting, punching your opponents, choking them, and throwing elbows are all perfectly fine and within the rules.


The only things you can’t do are sucker-punch somebody or kick them in the head, everything else is pretty much good to go.
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Each team consists of 27 players and they don’t have any extra guys around as subs because this sport is only for tough mofos. If you break your leg, just walk it off.





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