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WWE Wanted To Portray Brock Lesnar As A Homosexual Early In His Career

Too Hot For TV

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Brock Lesnar: The Beast, the Conquerer, the Ender of the Streak, the…Gay Monster Babyface? Almost, according to the WON (via CageSideSeats):

“The idea originally came from two of the magazine writers, one of them Brian Solomon (who just wrote a book about pro wrestling history called ‘Pro Wrestling FAQ’), who pitched the idea directly to Stephanie McMahon that year. The pitch was that it would blow away the fan base and everyone to have an unstoppable hyper-masculine ass kicker revealing himself to be gay, and be pushed as a top babyface. The idea was to make sure he never did anything in or out of the ring that would make fans uncomfortable. It would be the anti-gay stereotype instead, and instead it would be the heels that would use his being gay in their promos and get their asses kicked, and making everyone using negative terms as far as being gay come across like heels.”

That’s a curveball, if I’ve ever seen one. The idea is oddly progressive for the WWE, especially considering this came in the “early aughts”, back when gay marriage was still widely banned and acceptance of people under the LGBT umbrella was substantially lower than where it is today.

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