Brock Lesnar Says He’ll Break WWE Contract And Fight In UFC Again If He Wants To


Brock Lesnar is a notoriously angry person. Sure, it’s the character he plays on TV and it’s hard to be completely happy and a good professional fighter…but Brock Lesnar is an angry dude. His default emotion is “annoyed” and his resting facial expression is a combination of a scowl and a frown (a frowl, as I like to call it).

That made his easygoing demeanor entering UFC 200 kind of strange. And coming out of it? Lesnar shocked the world by smiling during a media event. Oh, and also by beating Mark Hunt via unanimous decision.


Even when he’s smiling, he is scary as all hell. Screen grab by us.

So why was he so happy? Because he enjoyed being back in the UFC, if you can believe it, and that naturally begged the questions “so…are you coming back? And would Dana White and Vince McMahon approve of that?” And the answer is pretty darn fun; “Let’s be perfectly clear, Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do.”

Check out the UFC post-fight presser highlights here:
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