Brazilian MMA Fighter Beaten and Severely Injured For Harassing Girl at a Gas Station


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Maiquel Falcão is an MMA fighter out of Brazil with a 34-7 record if you don’t count the video you’re about to see in which he gets completly destroyed. He’s fought in the UFC but was best known for his time in Bellator, which came to an abrupt halt when he was released after this incident…


Maiquel Falcão was at the gas station filling up, and he saw a nice lady waiting in line and just couldn’t stop himself from getting right up in her personal space. She wasn’t feeling it and she took a step back, so he slapped her in the face.

A group of guys showed up and things turned into an all-out brawl. Maiquel is a legit fighter, he made his way through a Bellator tournament and fought for the middleweight belt. But he’s no match for being outnumbered by guys with weapons.

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