VIDEO: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Student Destroys Guy Who Said “He Can’t Fight”


When it comes to self-defense in particular combat training such as MMA or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a little training can count for so much and go a long way in real life combat against a person who does not have any training at all. So if are an MMA fan with a bit of training you already have an advantage over most guys out there.

Helio Gracie is credited as one of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu greats, a form of Judo that was adapted to be more practical for everyday application. This meant that a person who was familiar in the art of BJJ could take down someone who did not have training as we stated before.

Helio and his brothers practice this combat art form both professionally and also via amateur street fights over time they perfected the art widely known now as BJJ. As a consequence of this, it made BJJ one of the most effective combat arts in self-defense application. What the young man in the grey pants does not know is that the guy in the red shorts has some BJJ training and is about to demonstrate it in action, but as the video shows he will soon find out the hard way.

Royce Gracie represented BJJ at UFC 1 in 1993 where he won the tournament, clearly showing that a person versed in BJJ can overcome someone is bigger in size and have more brute strength. The emphasis here is not that the guy in red shorts is professional or that he had the art form refine not at all it clear he is not the best BJJ student.

However, it proves the point that Royce Gracie advocated some BJJ is better than none against someone who does not know the art. The same applies those who train or practice MMA combat on an amateur level as well. So if you are not as yet. You should consider joining a local training club.

From the video, you can see the BJJ student that was challenged to a fight by the guy starts to make quick work of him with his grappling technique. He has good footwork and he dominates the black man throughout the fight. You can clearly see the guy in the grey sweat pants is always on the defensive throughout the fight. We credit him of course for good defense but it was not good enough to save him from the brutal takedown from the guy in the red shorts.

The Guy in the red shorts demonstrates that he is not a complete novice on his feet, the guy on bottoms friends request that they both stand up. “Get up. Get up. Box it out.” Good advice.

However, they remind him mid-fight that it’s a street fight and not an official boxing match so all the rules don’t apply. “Fu*k that sh#t whoever touches me I’m getting up and beating your ass.” It at that point he puts this guy in a choke hold and applies the pressure

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