Blind Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Has Been Taking On Opponents And Winning


Lee Hoy has been training MMA for two years. Like many people, he got into MMA for self-defense and fell in love with it and decided to take it to the next level by competing.


Lee is legally blind and has been since birth due to a parasite in his retina, but that doesn’t stop him. When he was a kid, they told him that he’d never be able to read, write, ride a bike, or even attend school. He’s done all of those things. They never told him that he’d never be an MMA fighter, and if they did – it wouldn’t have mattered because if Lee Hoy listened to the naysayers he wouldn’t have accomplished so many things.


“I’m a totally changed person because of the sport,” Lee Hoy said. “I can walk the streets with my head high.”

When he’s close range he can rely on his grappling, instincts, and his other heightened senses but fighting at range is obviously a lot more difficult. He has a really tough time with depth perception, glares, and seeing at a distance, despite that fact that he can see “a little”. Lee Hoy fights against fully-sighted opponents, so being able to make out the shadows of a figure in close range with next to no depth perception is tough disadvantage to overcome.

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