Blackbelt Ed O’Neill (Al Bundy) Wants to Fight CM Punk


Adults will remember Ed O’Neill from Married with Children, where he starred alongside a prime Christina Applegate. Others might know him from Modern Family. What most people don’t realize is that he’s a blackbelt in BJJ who trains with Rorion Gracie, which already makes him more qualified, on paper, for a UFC fight than Phil Brooks. There’s been talks of him stepping into the Octagon with Punk, and Ed took to Twitter to address them…


“Officially addressing the rumors that I want a MMA match with @CMPunk”

So which of these two Gracie fighters would you give the upperhand to? Punk is just a white belt, but he says it’s because he doesn’t believe in belts. That’s like being a featherweight contender who gets passed over for a title shot because you “Don’t believe in hyping fights“, believe whatever you want but it’s not going to get you to the top.




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