Watch Ben Askren Demonstrate The Power of His BodyLock


In MMA we all know that at times fighters often do some weird stuff. Remember we saw the late Kimbo Slice who had is friend spar with a refrigerator, then we admired Andrei Arlovski when we saw him play King Leonidas and performed his epic this is Sparta kick. Not to forget the fascinating Mike Tyson unboxing. Well, today we’re going to add Ben Askren to that list.

Askren, a former member of the American National Wrestling Olympic Team, and Askren is renowned for his pure face. Many fighters felt the power of locking his body in Bellator years, and by choosing Abyasov, and the Suzuki and Luis Santos they did it under the slogan of ONE Tournament, and now it is time for the world of vegetables to see how he feels his charm by Askren.

It takes only a few seconds for the “Funky” to crush the poor watermelons, one after the other. Of course, we all know, vegetables and fruits don’t hit back, but the video is impressive, anyway.

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