Are Fighters Getting Smaller And Less Muscular?


The UFC’s new, harsher drug-testing policy has been in effect for a while now, and fighters have known it was coming for longer than that so it was only a matter of time until we started seeing fighters shrink.

We’re starting to see the effect already, but things are really going to change once the ban on using IVs for rehydration is enacted.

We’re not pointing any fingers or calling anyone out, we’re simply sharing some photos from before the new drug testing policies came into effect and afterwards. You can draw your own conclusions.

Here’s Erick Silva before and after the new testing policies and punishments: 


In all fairness, fighters physiques and body fat percentages change a lot from the off-season until the end of camp, so here are two weigh-in pics so we’re comparing apples to apples: 


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