Former-UFC Star Anthony Johnson Arrest for Domestic Violence


credit: TMZ Sports

Former UFC star-fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was arrested on Monday night for domestic violence. “Rumble” got into an argument with his girlfriend and as things escalated to the point he got physical as reported by TMZ Sports. At that point, police were called to the scene.

According to an official police report, they receive a call from a female to report an altercation with her boyfriend, Anthony Johnson, records indicate.

The report continues that the Woman said she wanted to throw AJ out of the house and started to pack his stuff when he “forcefully picked her up — put her in a football hold” …and carried her into another room.

She claims “she was scared due to his size and martial arts experience.” due to the fact that he is an MMA athlete

35-year-old Anthony Johnson is an ex-UFC star-fighter who holds a 22-6 record as a pro fighter. He has defeated fighters such as Alexander Gustafsson, Glover Teixeira, and Ryan Bader just to name a few. AJ retired from the UFC in 2017 after his loss to Daniel Cormier.

Fortunately, the police report that the woman had no viable injuries at the time they responded to the call.

When the cops interviewed Johnson last Monday night he admitted the abuse saying he grabbed the woman and carried her during the argument but he did not intend to harm her. Stating he was trying to stop the argument he simply did not want to argue anymore.

However, police determined that Johnson’s actions amounted to domestic violence and he was arrested at the scene and taken into custody to a local police station and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. AJ retired from UFC and list his profession on the police report as a bodybuilder.

Shamefully this is not the first time Anthony Johnson has been arrested on domestic violence, back in 2009 he was charged for an incident involving his ex-girlfriend and later pleaded no contest to another charge of misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

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