Anderson Silva Wants a Rematch with Nick Diaz, Has No Idea Why He Failed Drug Test


In a recent interview with TMZ, Anderson Silva said that he wants to have a rematch against Nick Diaz. On the surface, he wants a chance  to redeem himself after tarnishing his legacy in the eyes of fans. A multi-million dollar payday probably doesn’t hurt, either.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Anderson in the TMZ interview. “I’m surprised. When my manager called me and said ‘Anderson, you have a problem because you go to the test for the commission – is bad.’ I said, ‘What, I don’t know what happened.'”0

After that, the interviewer asked Anderson Silva if it could have had something to do with things he was taking to help rehabilitate his broken leg.

“Yeah, but I don’t think so,” said Silva. “I need to check all the supplements I use. Because I never faulted for the commission in this sport. I’m very happy, because commission help me, and I help commission. I go to the … work together commission, because I think this is bad for the sport. It’s bad, so bad, for me and my life. And that does nothing to change my performance in the fight.”

Here’s what Anderson had to say when he was asked if the positive drug test has had a negative impact on his reputation.

“I don’t think so because I go to meeting my doctor, the doctor for commission for tests, for all supplements. When the commission says done, I go back to fight. And I go talk to my fans.”

So, what’s next for The Spider?

“I think have a rematch with (Nick),” said Silva. “I ready. I respect the commission now. When all this done, I go fight Nick next one.”

It could be quite a while until we see Anderson or Nick fighting again, however. Diaz’s positive test for marijuana is his 3rd infraction, whereas for Anderson – his positive steroid test is his first offense. That means chances are that Nick will get a longer suspension than Anderson will once that’s finally announced, and if Anderson were to fight again he probably wouldn’t want to have to wait for Diaz to be cleared to fight.

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