Anderson Silva Traveled To The Amazon Jungle To Fight An Ancient Tribe Champion


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When Anderson Silva needed a change of pace from the UFC, he took a little trip to the Amazon Jungle to fight against some tribesmen. This is what made Anderson such a unique champion, he’s always willing to try new techniques and will listen to anyone who could help him improve his game. He never had a cocky attitude or a thick head on his shoulders.


The fight begins with both fighters on their knees, and then they begin to circle around one another before trying to lift up their opponent and wrestle them to the ground. This is known as a Kuarup ceremony, and is one of the oldest fighting rituals on the planet.

After his fight with this tribe, here’s how Anderson described the experience: 

“People’s minds are like parachutes—they only function when they are open,” Silva said.
“They have a different way of fighting, a different type of technique. They are very strong, and I really enjoyed the experience.”

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