Anderson Silva Is Training To Fight In The Olympics


It’s been over 20 years since Anderson Silva has partaken in Tae Kwon Do, but he’s gotten the green light from the Brazilian Tae Kwon Do federation to participate in the Olympic Trials for the 2016 games, with the potential of earning himself a spot on the team. For now, Anderson is curbing his enthusiasm and taking the approach that this will be a great challenge, and whether he succeeds or not he’ll just be glad that he tried.


“I can’t be pessimistic nor can I think that I can just beat athletes who’ve had Olympic experience for a while. So I’m going to work, calmly, I’m going to do my part.” – Anderson Silva

Dat Tae Kwon, Doe


Apparently the Brazilian TKD Federation isn’t concerned at all with Anderson’s positive drug tests, however the Nevada State Athletic Commission has stated that they would release the test results to them if they were asked but it doesn’t sound like they’re going to go out of their way to be a stick in Andy’s mud either. Chances are the Federation realizes that it’s  very unlikely that Anderson will make it through the trials, and this will bring a lot of publicity to their sport and team, so why not?

“Everybody knows that for a high-performance athlete, the Olympic Games is the dream of every athlete, and it wouldn’t be different with me.” – Anderson Silva


Diogo Silva, one of the top Brazilian TKD fighters, has mixed feelings about all this and wants Anderson to check his privilege.


Diogo doesn’t want Anderson to take a spot from somebody that’s more deserving.


“Taekwondo athletes love Anderson because he made us more valued, he knows how to kick and showed that many times, and we would be really happy with him in our sport. Without any privileges, though.” – Diogo Silva

Dana White wasn’t keen on letting Anderson Silva participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics, but now that he’s been suspended from MMA for an indefinite amount of time (His hearing with the Nevada Commission is in May), he’s probably not too worried about upsetting anyone at this point.

Olympic-level TKD is a whole other beast, they are very fast and skilled point fighters, and nobody’s giving Anderson much of a chance – do you think we’ll have what it takes and prove the world wrong? 

“The worst that can happen is I don’t make it, but I will try.” Respect.

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