Anderson Silva Is In The Hospital With Back Pain


After reading the headline you’re probabaly thinking “Oh shit oh shit oh shit, does that mean the Diaz fight is off?” Don’t worry, the Diaz fight isn’t off. At least according to a doctor from the Brazillian athletic commission.

“It really was a shock,” Dr. Tannure said. “He felt a sharp pain because of contracture. It hurts a lot, really, but it will not change anything in terms of training. The problem he had justified the pain, but it will not result in a withdrawal or cancellation of the fight.”

Anderson Silva has been hospitalized for lumbago after finishing a training session. Lumbago is basically very intense back pain.

Does this mean the wheels are continuing to fall off of the Silva-train? Maybe, maybe not. In either case, the guys at the Scrap Pack are probably happy to hear this news since most people have Nick Diaz pegged as the underdog (Based on weight class, if nothing else.)

Andy might be the favorite, but let’s put this in context…

Anderson Silva is visiting sports psychiatrists to¬†overcome the mental hurdles of breaking his leg…

He’s 39 years old…

And now he’s in the hospital for back pain.

Nick Diaz, on the other hand, is running triathlons like it’s nothing.

“Be scared, homie.”

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