Anderson Silva, after defeat at UFC 237: “If you fell, get up. If it’s broken, fix it”


Courtesy of USA Today - Anderson Silva after injuring himself at UFC 237

MMA legend, Anderson Silva, put out a post on his social media account via Instagram after his defeat at UFC 237. On Instagram , “Spider” talked about his willingness to overcome his obstacles and difficulties. According to rumors, the former champion broke his knee ligaments.

“Until the limit. Pain is your friend. It shows you are not dead yet. They say that great symbols become great targets, perhaps. But the most important thing is to not victimize yourself. If you fell, get up. If it’s broken, fix it. No giving up or thinking that you can’t because you lost a battle. There is one saying, I will go until the end and the more they pressure me, the more I will want to go until the end. There’s nothing wild that feels sorry for itself. An old lion surrounded by hungry hienas, crazy to devour him and he still fights to the death without ever feeling sorry for himself. And it won’t be different with me. Strength and honor.”

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Silva was crowned UFC champion after knocking out Rich Franklin at UFC 64. After the victory, Silva dominated the division, where he defended his belt ten times until he was defeated by Chris Weidman, seven years where he was number one in the division.

Anderson Silva at UFC 237
Courtesy of USA Today – Anderson Silva at UFC 237

Today, at 44, Silva has reiterated on several occasions that he intends to fulfill all the fights of his contract with UFC . According to the athlete, it would be two or three. The injury in UFC 237 , could put in doubt the commitment of Silva with the organization.

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