9 Fighters Who Shit Themselves During A Fight


When nature called, these warriors were there to answer. 

UPDATE: As of June 25th, 2017, we’ve got a new addition to the Hall of Brown…

You’ve never truly been down in the dumps until you’ve shit yourself in front of an arena full of people, had it broadcast around the world, and been immortalized on Youtube forever. If you’re a great fighter, you’ll be able to live it down and move on to better things like Yoel Romero, but for some of these guys, their legacy is reduced to a chocolate stain on their shorts.


Justine Kish

In her fight against Felice Herrig, Justine Kish had a bit of an accident while getting choked. Hey, when you’re being choked unconscious, sometimes the body just does what it wants to do… and to her credit, she had probabally the best response about about happened:

Fair play!

Kevin Randleman

Leading up to his fight against Babalu at UFC 35, Kevin Randleman got a bad case of the runs. What makes this one extra bad is that it was a fight between a BJJ player and a wrestler.


If it was a couple of strikers staying on their feet, that’s not nearly as bad as taking someone’s back and feeling the warm squish of a turd against your body. Props to Kevin for admitting it happened, it takes a real man to own up to that. Heart of a champion, bowels of a journeyman.

Tim Sylvia


This one’s super tough to notice, and probably would have gone unseen if Tim didn’t fess up. In his own words:

I got really sick Saturday and had problems holding my innards. When I was warming up, I had a few problems, and I actually had a few problems in the ring when I was fighting.

I don’t know what it was. It got really cold when we were outside working out and stuff, going back and forth from the room. I caught something, and I just couldn’t hold in my number twos… If you look at the fight you’ll see that when my shorts came down, you’ll see the wet mark in my underwear.”

Humberto Brown

Before getting choked out at UFC 180, Brown choked out something brown of his own.


When something like this happens, you can either let it break you or you can use it to your advantage. It smells worse for the other guy than it does for you, and if you have the mental fortitude to just ignore it, it’s going to throw your opponent off their game.

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