53-Year-Old Father Jumps In The Cage & Knocks Out Son In MMA Fight


Most men at 50 years and older would probably think it is crazy to fight someone who is younger and stronger.

However, Tim Karaker, a 53-year-old with a “dad bod”, proved to the world that is possible not only to challenge a younger fighter half his age but also take him down as well.

Karaker in 2012 made what many of you would call a surprising debut as a MMA fighter and agreed to fight his 21-year-old son despite only having one hour notice that the opponent was going to be his son.

The video was recorded by veteran UFC rep Stephan Bonnar at Fire Extreme Fighting. In this video, Bonnar said that initially, Karaker had just arrived at the venue to watch fights. But oddly enough when he arrived at the door he was asked to fight.

Father and Son In the cage getting ready to fight each other.

This Unusual Matchup Gets Even Stranger

Aside from the odd matchup and short notice, there’s another surprising twist with this bout: The young lad was his son.

According to the video, some say Karaker’s opponent was his “illegitimate son,” nonetheless, it calls for an exciting bout between the two men.

Some look at this as a classic example of a father teaching his son how to become a man. Well, he may not have taken the conventional way of sit down at the family table this father decided that the best way to teach him was in the octagon.

Son Fights Father in the Cage in MMA fight

Father of the Year

When you first watch this video you would initially think that the young 21-year-old fighter would win. He was able to put his father in a dominant position, however, he was able to escape.

Despite Karaker’s age and physique, he was able to maintain good pacing throughout the fight and put up a good fight against someone twice younger than him.

At 3 minutes into the fight, the 53-year-old fighter was able to knock his son down to the canvas and get in a round of punches as well shortly before the referee decided to stop the fight before things got even worse for the son.

At the end of the evening, Bonnar approached Karakar in amazement and said, “You’re my hero! That was awesome!”

Watch the footage of the fight in the video below taken by Stephan Bonnar

This video shows that age is really just a number as the saying goes. When it comes to fighting it is more about skill and technique.

It might be strange for a father to fight his son, but a lot of fathers applauded Karaker for showing an impressive parenting technique! This video reminiscent of a father who decided to let his bully son fight a professional boxer to teach him a lesson.

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