5 Things Smaller Than Sara McMann’s Biceps


How do you pull off an arm bar on a tree trunk? Do Saras arms even straighten out? There are so many questions leading into UFC 170.  In the name of hard-hitting journalism that you would expect from any member of the MMA media, we’ve put together a list of 5 things that are, perhaps not surprisingly, smaller than Sara McMann’s absolutely jacked biceps.


1. Fedor’s Love Handles


Fedor probably chopped down the tree to make that cross that’s around his nick, using his bare hands. He also probably raised and slaughtered the cow to make the leather for his belt.


2. Miesha Tate’s Booty


This picture was allegedly from Brian Caraway’s twitter, but Miesha claims its fake or its not her. None the less, Sara’s cannons dwarf even the juiciest of MMA booties.


3. Ariel Helwani’s Nose



Close, but not quite as big! Also make sure you check out the “Helwani Nose” shirt over at MMA Warehouse, all of the proceeds are going to support the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC).

4. The Penis on Brock’s Chest


It’s big, it’s dark, but it’s smaller than Sara McMann’s biceps.

5. The Chael/Wandy Hype Machine


From Wandy’s goofy video stunt a few months back, to Chael’s tweets about his “pet idiot”, the Hype Machine is already in full-swing and the fight isn’t for months. Is this a real rivalry or just wolf tickets from a couple old goons trying to cash in during the twilight years of their careers?


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