5 Things Miesha Tate Can Use To Replace Her Arm


Do you think Ronda will go for the same arm this time against Miesha, or the other arm? It’s not so much a question of who is going to win or how, because let’s face it – the real question is whether Ronda will finish the fight via armbar in the first round, or later on in the fight, when the two catty rivals face off for the second time on December 28th. Any other outcome would be a surprise. Ronda originally won the Strikeforce belt from Miesha, now the tables have turned and the stakes are much higher, especially after a very competitive season of TUF. There’s no love lost between these bitter rivals.

This whole situation really begs the question… what’s Miesha going to use to replace her arm after Ronda rips it off? Here are a few suggestions…

Bryan Caraway

Bryan CarawayMiesha’s bantamweight boo Bryan Caraway loves to pull out his claws and dish with the gals. Despite the fact that Caraway made headlines as “The Chris Brown of MMA” when he threatened to assault a woman, recently Cat Zingano has come out and said that he purposely elbowed her in the head at weigh-ins before a fight. We would be fearful for Miesha’s safety in a relationship with a guy who’s name keeps popping up in the context of violence towards women, but we’re absolutely positive that Miesha could take him in a fight either way.

Her Other Face

Miesha Tate MMAAn accusation that Ronda would frequently launch at Miesha is the fact that Miesha was two-faced, and that Season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter didn’t do the best job of showing both sides of the story. In a podcast interview, Ronda’s mother, legendary Judo practitioner and Olympian Ann Maria Rousey DeMars made comments about her time on the show, and how Miesha would constantly taunt Ronda without Ronda being allowed to respond, something that was mostly cut out during editing.

Lame Practical Jokes

Pranks from The Ultimate FighterMaybe Miesha could attach some form of burlap satchel or hobo-stick to replace her arm, which she could use to carry around her offensive and lame practical jokes? There’s nothing quite as cringe worthy as the self-satisfied expression someone has after pulling off a really lame practical joke, especially when the TUF house has seen so many great ones. Giving someone socks? C’mon. Pointing out that armenians are hairy? That’s grade-school stuff. If Miesha Tate trolls as good as she fights, it’s going to be a short fight and a broken arm.

A Four-Leaf Clover

Good luck, Miesha! Miesha could just attach her lucky 4-leaf clover to the place where her arm used to be, since the only reason she was coaching TUF and getting a shot at Ronda’s title is because Cat Zingano was injured and unable to show up. With her 0-1 record in the UFC, Miesha managed to Sonnen her way into this title fight.

A Broom – Because Her Team Swept TUF

UFC BroomReal talk, her team swept the Ultimate Fighter Finale so we’ll give credit where credit is due. Chris Holdsworth took the victory for the men, and Juliana Pina won for the women – both members of Team Tate. Now that the finals are over, maybe she can pass the broom over to Bryan so he can get back to his chores. (And that, Miesha, is how to troll. Take notes… with your good arm.)

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