10 Moments That Prove Muay Thai Isn’t For Pussies


The entirety of Muay Thai is already proof that it’s not for pussies, but if you need any further convincing check out these 10 shining examples of why most people on earth aren’t nearly tough another to ever dream of competing in Muay Thai.

10. This guy snapping his leg in half

This is probably the nastiest leg snap you’ll ever see. The way it snaps back behind him before he crumbles to the ground is haunting for most people, but it’s just another day at the office and part of doing business when you’re a fighter.

9. Cerrone’s Elbow


Granted, this is from an MMA fight, but Cowboy Cerrone makes excellent use of Muay Thai style elbows and has this picture to prove it. You should see the other guy.

8. This broken nose from a Yokkow event

Here’s an absolutely brutal broken nose that resulted from a massive kick right up against the ropes. When you get hit by something like this, there’s nowhere to go but down.

7. When this  guy crossed over into the shadow realm

Talk about a knockout, this kick sent him into the shadow realm.

6. When Marcel Gaines saw a woman being beaten


You can find the whole story here. When Marcel witnessed a woman being attacked, he knew it was time to man-up to make sure that he had the training and the skills to protect himself and the innocent people around him.

5. Pornsanae vs Pokkeaw

Check out a brutal moment involving muay thai god Buakaw on the next page:

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