10 Best Muay Thai Fighters in MMA


Douglas Lima

Lima is Bellator’s WW champion now that Askren has stepped aside. He only has one amateur Muay Thai fight which he won before putting all of his focus into the mma skillset.

Ben Saunders

After a stint in Bellator, fan-favorite Saunders is back in the UFC.

Tyrone Spong

Unlike most guys on this list, Spong had a long career in kickboxing before making the move to MMA. He’s only had two MMA fights so far, both victories in WSOF.

Jon Jones

It’s hard to believe the best LHW fighter of all time is only 27 years old and still getting better each fight. His spinning techniques are second to none, but it’s his reach and arm positioning that draws parallels to old school Muay Thai, where they would keep their arms extended in order to make it easy to throw a quick elbow.



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