10 Athletes Who Fought in MMA and Failed Miserably Bad


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MMA doesn’t necessarily attract the most talented athletes, especially in the heavier weight classes because you can make a lot more money as a linebacker than you can from getting kicked in the face so the most talented athletes tend to lean towards basketball, football, even hockey or baseball. There are still some examples of athletes trying their hand at MMA, to varying degrees of success. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve got nothing but respect for anyone that’s brave enough to step into that cage. All of these modern gladiators deserve props, but some more than others.

Jose Canseco


If you stick around long enough, and do enough drugs, you’ll eventually become a parody of yourself. Canseco had a long and successful career in Major League Baseball, and a retirement filled with bad decisions. One of those bad decisions was to take an MMA fight against Hong Man Choi, where he was beaten up for just over a minute before submitting to strikes.

Jose Canseco also recently challenged A-Rod to a fight. While apologizing to the baseball players that he outed for taking steroids, here’s what Jose had to say about Alex Rodriguez…

“Hell no, f— him, I can’t stand that guy, I’d rather kick his ass. He’s a liar, he hit on my wife, he lied to the media, he lied to the media about me — the only thing I would do for him is beat his ass in an MMA ring. So that’s an open challenge to Alex: Get your ass in there, meet me in the ring so I can inflict some torture on you. I’m dead serious about this.”

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