Watch The UFC’s Sexiest Ring Card Girl Work This Hula Hoop



Busy for the next 45 seconds? No? Well, here: now you’ve got plans. Watch Jhenny Andrade, arguably the hottest ring card girl currently working for the UFC depending on your taste – but certainly one of the cutest no matter how you slice it, dance around with her hula hoop. This Brazilian beauty is becoming a staple in the UFC. No word on whether Bellator is going to sign her once her contract is up, could you imagine if Bellator started snatching up Ring Card Girls next?

Can’t get enough? You can find plenty more of her on her Instagram.

She moved to the big city when she was 18 and hasn’t looked back. She’s been an artist her whole life, and worked as a presenter, too.

“In the beginning it was all new and different. Today I am part of the delicious adrenaline and I am in love with fighting.”

Now, she’s in love with fighting and combat sports. So, you’ve got at least one thing in common with her. When the UFC asked her about her perfect man, she said he “Doesn’t have to be pretty.”

Her favorite music is the Dave Matthews Band, and she said the most handsome fighter is Lyoto Machida.

She also used to write a column called The Perfect Girlfriend about how men viewed the perfect woman, and it has a huge success. Each issue, she would undertake a different task, like learning how to cook the perfect BBQ meal, and gradually becoming what men allegedly viewed as traits of “the perfect woman”.

So in other words, she’s basically the perfect woman.

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