WATCH: UFC Fighter Gets KO’d Without Being Hit In Most Bizarre Finish


Here’s an interesting knockout, ever seen one like this before?

It wasn’t a strike that KO’d this gentleman, it was being tossed to the ground and hitting his head, check out the video:

This strange knockout took place just two minutes into the fight, and the floor should probabally be getting that performance of the night bonus for such a definitely knockout. Ward fell awkwardly, hit his head, and the rest is history. Just. Like. That.

Galore Bofando is the guy who tossed him, you’ll want to keep an eye on this guy after he made his UFC debut and won, officially, via KO (Slam) in the books.

Here’s another iconic slam, but not quite the same:

Knowing how to fall and land is super important, and something that fans might overlook sometimes. Whether you’re skateboarding, fighting, or anything else, you’ve got to know how to land to avoid injury. Sometimes, you’re just being tossed around and that isn’t always possible. This was a tough loss to take, but an incredible knockout and something we’re unlikely to see again anytime time soon.

Now, we’ve got to meet our Mayweather McGregor quota for the day, so please bear with us.

Conor McGregor!
Floyd Mayweather!
– Trash talk!
– Scripted lines!
– WWE!
– Doesn’t have a chance!
– But what if he wins?
– Biggest fight in history!
– Mockery of the sport!
– He’s 40 years old!
– But he’s the best defensive boxer ever!


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