WATCH: SJWs Open a “Gym” To Fight Conservatives And It’s Hilarious


Look, good on these guys for wanting to train and get more physical, but training in martial arts so that you can go start riots is maybe not the best idea?

Especially when you’re going up against guys like Jake Shields and Nik Lentz. Remember when Jake Shields attended the Berkeley riots and saved a dude from a mob of angry commies? None of the people trying to fight Jake knew that he was an MMA fighter. But now, those types of people are trying  to train in order to prepare themselves for “political violence” against “police” and the “right wing.”

Now, we’re using the term “opened a gym” very loosely, becasue they’re just kind of shadow boxing in a field.

Protip: Go join an actual gym so you can learn what you’re doing, instead of playing touch-butt in the park with your pals.

We’re all for self defense, but maybe don’t go and throw molotov cocktails and bricks at people who are peacefully gathering, and you won’t need to defend yourself from them? Also, the real issue here, and this is a serious message to these people: You don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re going to be over-confident if you DO ever need your self defense, and you’re going to end up getting severely hurt becasue you’re engaging in a fight when you should be running away. If they were in a real martial arts gym, they would learn that fighting is a last resort when it comes to self defense. But they’re not in a real gym, they don’t have a real coach…

If these guys go around thinking they’re Rambo all of a sudden, they’re going to run into the wrong person and they’re going to be over-confident and that’s a recipe for disaster. Imagine them using any of these moves they’re practicing in a real combat situation? Yikes.

The real issue is that everything these guys is doing in this training video is wrong. Maybe they’re playing 3D chess and trying to get their opponents to underestimate them, but they’re kind of a laughing stock because there isn’t a real coach there showing them how to do things properly. Instead of just joining an actual gym, and there’s PLENTY, they decided to just roll around at the park and look like dorks instead.

I predict a lot of broken hands in the near future.

In their defense, they do say in the video that their goal isn’t to go around and start fights. Could you imagine these young gentlemen going around trying to start fights?

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