Watch Rare Footage of Holly Holm Being Horrifically Knocked Out During Boxing Match


Before Holly Holm made the move over to MMA, had a couple fights in the UFC, then dominated Ronda Rousey and shot to superstardom, she was a world-class boxer… But she was also involved in one of the latest stoppages of a fight you’ll ever see. 


But everybody gets caught sometimes. Unfortunately, this referee is a complete psychopath who seems to get off on women getting brutalized.

At the end of 2011, Anne Sophie Mathis brutally knocked out the now-champion of the UFC’s bantamweight division, Holly Holm, in a boxing match. Anne’s reign as the WBA super Lightweight Champion would be short-lived, because a few months later Holly returned to avenge her loss and to capture a victory over the french fighter.


Holly was getting tagged again and again with huge shots, and could barely stand after getting knocked down in the sixth.

At one point, she was out cold and tangled up in the ropes. Surely the ref would stop the fight now…?


“Nah she’s fine, let’s keep this going…”


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