WATCH: They Pulled Away Stool Right As Fighter Went To Sit Down


What a goddamn weird night of fights over at Bellator, but it reminds me of that classic scene from Gladiator. Were you not entertained?!

Seriously, this card was filled with awesome, hilarious moments. It was like a surrealist satire sketch, but it wasn’t all a joke. There were also some weird moments, some great moments, some disappointing moments… all around, what a roller coaster.

Like when Chael told an arena full of people that he tapped out Tito Ortiz, after Tito had spent the rest of Chael’s fight yelling stuff at him like a maniac in the crowd:

He just has no idea what to make of it! Or when Wanderlei pushed Chael after the fight. For some reason, these two guys (Wand + Tito) just don’t get the shtick.

Anyways, one of the funnier moments added a bit of levity to a super disappointing end to what could have been a great fight. Champion Michael Chandler lost his belt after sustaining an injury to his leg. Even after hurting his leg, he was still going for the finish and actually came close to winning the fight with one foot.

After Chandler messed up his leg, the ref paused the fight, which was weird. If a fighter can’t continue, the fight’s over, you don’t get to have a Dr come in and check his leg the same way you’d check an eye poke, or take a break for a groin shot.

While Doctor’s were checking him out, Chandler stood up to show that his leg was okay.

When he went to sit back down again… something was missing.

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