WATCH: Derrick Lewis Announces Retirement After TKO Loss To Mark Hunt


Anyone who was expecting the pinnacle of technique in the Hunt vs Lewis fight was very disappointed, this was a heavyweight slugfest. Both guys landed some big shots in the earlier rounds but it was a pretty slow fight overall, and in round 3 Lewis really started to tire out, but still kept up his defense against Hunt as best he could. As the 4th round progressed, Lewis slowed down more and more, as Hunt took the approach of a patient hunter. Hunt had control, but didn’t want to over extend himself and end up getting caught. With a minute and thirty seconds left in the 4th, Hunt really hurt Lewis, who went on to land a flying knee, but shortly after this one was in the books…

Lewis started to cover up, he just didn’t have anything else in the tank, and the ref stepped in to stop the fight shortly after for a TKO victory for Mark Hunt.

A lot of people were expecting a brutal KO in this fight, but it was more of a slow burn rather than an exciting finish.

If you knew someone was going to retire after this fight, who on earth would have expected it to be Lewis and not Mark Hunt?

He’s not the first unexpected retirement this year, Anthony Rumble Johnson also hung up his gloves recently.

We’re not sure what’s next for Lewis, but hopefully he can make some bank off his meme pages because his Instagram is on point. Previously, Lewis has commented on the MMA Hour how he hates being famous, and how he would rather just work a regular job 9-5. Also, he’s dealing with what sounds like an absolutely brutal back injury, and back injuries are no joke. Maybe he’ll take some much needed rest and decide to circle back for some more fights, or maybe he’s done for good – time will tell.

You’ll notice in these highlights from the fight, Mark Hunt lands a brutal elbow to Lewis’ back, and that’s NOT going to feel good for a guy with a long-term back injury. Damn.

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