Watch Chael Sonnen SLAM Tito Ortiz’ Pornstar Ex-Girlfriend Right Infront of Him


This weekend, Bellator is putting on a pretty decent card that’s worth checking out, especially for any UFC fans who were around when Chael or Tito were in their prime.

Tito has said this is going to be his very last fight, whereas Chael has a 6 fight contract and said he plans to complete it. Chael Sonnen has had some ups and downs in recent years, including leaving the UFC after failing a drug test, and the tragic loss of a child. It’s good to see him back and doing what he loves, which is talkin’ trash and kickin’ ass.


Bellator recently held the press conference for the event. To the uninitiated, Tito Ortiz is one of the worst people on a microphone, it’s just not his cup of tea. He doesn’t excel at public speaking. Chael Sonnen, on the other hand, is one of the best talkers in MMA, even sports in general. His persona got him a spot on the new Celebrity Apprentice, and made him one of the most recognizible MMA fighters when he was firing on all cylinders with his rivalry with Anderson Silva.

Here’s a clip from the hilarious press conference between Tito and Chael, we’ll include the full version at the end. In this clip, Chael drops a one liner, Tito responds in an awkward way, Chael tags it and makes it funnier, but then Tito gets the last word and TOTALLY DESTROYS Sonnen with the single greatest piece of trash talk of all time (Sarcasm…)

Check out an example of Tito being super classy and the full presser up next:

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