Watch Bigger Male US Marine Challenge Women’s MMA Fighter With 6-4 Record, Here’s Who Won


This US marine has a size advantage on Sarah ‘Too Sweet’ Alpar, a pro with a 6-4 record who is fighting out of Texas.

Size matters a lot in combat sports, thats why we have weight classes. When guys move up a weight class, it’s usually the heavier fighter that is favored to win. But size isn’t everything. Size matters a lot when we’re talking about two fighters with similar skill levels, but in this case that’s not what’s up. We’ve got one professional trained fighter, versus a really tough dude. Bring a tough dude isn’t enough to compensate for technique, as soon in the video below.

This grappling match gets underway, and the Marine lifts her up, but he isn’t ready for that technique. She hits a scramble, and now all bets are off.

Marines are tough as they come and this doesn’t disparage them at all, props to this guy for getting in there and being a good sport. You’ll never get better without losing a few.

She locks in a guillotine pretty early but he manages to stay in there, until she sinks in a rear naked choke. He tries diving back to slam her, and at that point you know we’re in the final moments of the match.

He’s still better than average for a guy off the street, but this video reinforces how much of a difference some experience and technique can make. BRB, signing up my daughter for BJJ classes.

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