War Machine Faces Life In Prison After Being Found Guilty of 29 Charges


The jury found Jonathan Koppenhaver guilty on 29 out of 34 charges relating to the night when he went absolutely ballistic on his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, who was brutally injured from the attacks. It happened when he showed up unexpectedly to her home after they had broken up, and found her with another man, and then he lost it on both of them.

His lawyer said it was a combo of brain injuries, steroids, and drugs like Lexapro and Adderall, mixed in with his rage, that resulted in the former fighter losing his mind.

The prosecutors argued that there is no definitive evidence that Koppenhaver was on drugs on the night of the attack, and that he had a history of being abusive towards Christy.

“I just remember being right in front of the shower like I was about to stand up and he kicked me in the ribs so hard that I fell over. He looks at me and says now I have to kill you, I’ve gone too far. You can’t be seen like this. Everyone’s gonna know.”- Christy Mack
Sentencing is still upcoming, and Koppenhaver remains in custody while facing up to life in prison without parole.

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