I want to taste the jaw of José Aldo – Cody Garbrandt


Cody Garbrandt sky rocketed to international fame when he defeated champion Dominick Cruz, who was almost 10 years old without knowing defeat. After conquering the title of the weights roosters, the new champion has new challenges in mind.

“There are a lot of fights for me, I’m too young to go up (division), I’d fight anyone,” said Garbrandt in The MMA Hour. To be honest, I am ready to fight, I want to have the money fight, I think I would like to try against José Aldo who has defeated several of my teammates. ”

With only 25 years and seeing the top of the division, Garbrandt feels he has much to evolve and his north is to become the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

“I am the champion and I want to be one of the best pound for pound, Jose Aldo would be the biggest challenge and I am here to prove myself,” said the champion. “I think José Aldo is tough, I want to test his jaw. Conor (McGregor) too, I can rise to an intermediate weight against him. ”

Garbrandt closed the 2016 with four victories, three of them were KO. The last was the unanimous decision that gave him the title of the weights of the UFC. However, this is a new year and he has to keep his same form if he is to defeat Jose Aldo even though defeating Also is a feat that Cody Garbrandt can pull off at the same time Jose Aldo is not going to be a push over or walk in the park.

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