Violent Pimp Tries To Attack Blackbelt, Instantly Regrets It


Pimping definitely isn’t easy, especially when you’re going up against a blackbelt who just isn’t having it.

This is an old clip from one of those tv shows, but sometimes it’s alright to dig up a classic, right?

It’s hilarious after the guy lays out the angry and violent pimp, he just shrugs at the camera like… “What did you think was going to happen?”

Pimps take advantage of vulnerable people, they’re abusers, cowards, and weak… so it’s no wonder this goof was dropped so easily.

Check it out:

There’s really not much else to say about this one, but since you came all the way here, let’s make it worthwhile. Here’s a bonus:

Socks and sandals over here just got drunk for the first time and decides to talk trash and get physical with a guy who is just doing his job, and doing an awesome job of staying calm. It doesn’t seem like the guy decks the kid, but nobody would have minded if he did.

Got time for one more? Right on.

This bully is just messing with the kid, and you’re expecting the kid to finally drop the guy… but that’s not what happens lol. Even the guy getting picked on looks like “oh, shoot… relax.”

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