The UFC’s Two Sexiest Fighters Had a Dance Competition At Weigh-Ins


Paige Van Zant and Michelle Waterson are two very dangerous fighters. Waterson is a proven vet, an amazing personality, and an incredible representative for the sport. Paige is earlier on her career, but has proven time and time again that she’s a very tough fighter with heaps and heaps of heart to get her through the deep waters. Paige also came in 2nd place on Dancing With The Stars, so obviously she’s the favorite going into the weigh-in dance off, even if Michelle is the favorite to win their fight.



There are a lot of theories about seeing how fighters react at the weigh-ins and whether or not that gives us any insight into how the fight will go. Statistically speaking, a fighter is slightly less likely to win if they smile during the state-down. We don’t have any data yet on what happens when you win or lose a dance-off against your opponent, however…

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